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American West Art Festival

High Desert Museum
Grant Type
Small Marketing/Research
Amounts Funded
  • 2017 $17,400.00

The High Desert Museum’s multi-day art festival will feature visual artists’ depictions of the American West, increasing access to cultural activities in Central Oregon and increasing Bend’s draw as an arts and cultural destination. This juried festival will enable both nationally-renowned and rising artists to showcase their talent and reflect the growing diversity of artists. More than a passive display of art, this festival will be an interactive event. It will foster creativity, encourage artistic exploration, and build meaningful connections. They will provide a space for artists to network with each other and directly engage with and build their audiences. In addition, they will spotlight the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of artistic fields, presenting a platform for artwork that innovatively
crosses mediums or for art to be displayed in non-traditional sectors, such as fashion or design.