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BendFilm Festival

BendFilm festival in Bend, OR
Grant Type
Large Marketing
Amounts Funded
  • 2015 $26,000.00
  • 2016 $40,000.00
  • 2017 $37,133.00
  • 2018 $33,750.00
  • 2019 $33,500.00
  • 2021 $45,000.00
  • 2022 $44,750.00
  • 2023 $47,000.00
  • 2024 $30,000.00
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BendFilm festival in Bend, OR

The Bend Cultural Tourism Fund has been a lifeline for BendFilm over the years. Prior to this funding opportunity, the BendFilm Festival carried a very small marketing budget and the BCTF has enabled BendFilm to afford new marketing opportunities and to broadcast the BendFilm brand nationally. This has a huge overall impact on elevating the status of the Festival, and, most importantly this amazing community of Bend.

We frequently hear about the economic impact that the Festival has on local shops, restaurants, businesses and our sponsors. The BCTF support is what facilitates all of it. We and the community owe a big thank you to the Fund Commissioners, Visit Bend, and the late Pamela Hulse Andrews for this initiative and its subsequent growth.

— Todd Looby, BendFilm Executive Director