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Muse Conference/UnConference

Muse Unconference in Bend, Oregon
World Muse
Grant Type
Large Marketing
Amounts Funded
  • 2015 $9,000.00
  • 2016 $20,000.00
  • 2017 $19,375.00
  • 2018 $14,750.00
  • 2019 $17,000.00
  • 2021 $17,000.00
Muse Unconference in Bend, Oregon

World MUSE hosted its first MUSE Conference in 2013 as a one-day event to support and celebrate women and girls as change makers in our local community and in our world. With the support of Bend Cultural Tourism Fund, we were able to grow MUSE Conference into a four-day event featuring live performances, panel discussions, interactive salons, keynote presentations, art installations, film screenings, and workshops. Our mission also grew to become more inclusive by including more than women and girls. Over the years, we have featured Nobel Laureates, Creative Laureates, Olympic Athletes, Authors, Artists, Civil Rights Icons, Radical Feminist Nuns, Youth Climate Activists, and more.

World MUSE is committed to providing programming that combines Arts & Culture with Social Justice. Over the past four years, we have produced a series of documentary films covering social justice issues that have premiered at MUSE Conference. These films have gone on to be utilized by local nonprofits and schools as educational resources. This is one of the ways we are able to extend our impact, and the impact of our supporters, beyond our event itself.

COVID-19 meant new challenges, along with new opportunities. In 2021, World MUSE decided to reimagine what our event could become. With continued support from Bend Cultural Tourism Fund, we launched MUSE UnConference, an event that broke down barriers to access with virtual content and equity-based ticket pricing.

As we continue to evolve, World MUSE remains grateful for the support of Bend Cultural Tourism Fund.

— Amanda Stuermer, World Muse Founder + Director